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90 degree glass shower door hinge

Model Number: WL-8104
Type: Door & Window Hinges, Shower hinge 
90 degree glass shower door hinge Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) 

Products Details

This is the description of 90 degree glass shower door hinge
stainless steel Patch fittings 
WL-8104 (1)
1. The product adopts 304 stainless steel precision casting process.
2. The glass thickness is 8 ~ 12mm.
3. The hinge weight is 65KG/ pair.
4. Implement two-way 90 ° open doors, when the doors close to 25 °, door leaf self-return
5. Use high-quality spring, with a service life of more than 250,000 times.
6. The surface is treated as mirror or sublight, and PVD can be used for other colors.


Aluminium alloy and stainless steel


Polished/Titanium/Satin stainless steel or Customed requirement



Payment Term

30% deposite by T/T,all balance before delivery


According to customer need




1)Available in multiple colors

2)Manufactured using premium quality raw material

3)Polished and smooth surface,no burr,no scratch

4)The tolerance controlled strictly in the range of customers

5)Corrosion resistance,longer service life


Suitable for inner and outer Aluminum or Stainless steel  window and door




PE bag and box.The packages can also be made according to the

quantity of the products or the requirements of our clients.

stainless steel Glass panel clamp

Glass Panel Clamp

stainless steel Glass panel clamp

stainless steel Glass panel clamp

stainless steel Glass panel clamp

stainless steel Glass panel clamp

90 degree glass shower product maintenance considerations.
1. Prevent collision in handling.
2. When cleaning, try not to wet the metal plating, first use soft cloth or dry cotton yarn to dust, then wipe with dry cloth, and keep dry.
You can't use a colored cleanser, or you can use force to destroy the surface layer.
3. Hardware is in use.
The corrosion and contamination of acid and alkali salts should be prevented.

Production Machinery:

Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition
Polishing Machine No Information 32 4.0 Acceptable
Hydraulic Press 10T 3 4.0 Acceptable
Punching Machine No Information 1 6.0 Acceptable
Sawing Machine SHENDIAO & GZ4232 1 1.5 Acceptable
Manual Lathe Cd6132 1 6.0 Acceptable
CNC Lathe E-CA6140, 6140A1750 3 6.0 Acceptable
Milling Machine X3112 1 6.0 Acceptable
Drilling Machine SWJ-16, S4020, SWJ-14 6 6.0 Acceptable

stainless steel Glass panel clamp

stainless steel Glass panel clamp

Professional solution services.

Have more than 30 technical service teams to provide professional solutions for your needs.Fast product supply, strong matching, to improve your efficiency, reduce repair maintenance cost.Professional technical engineers provide whole-process technical guidance and tracking service!


What is the material of hardware product?

The main part is 304 stainless steel, some pulley also USES the environmental protection color zinc material.


Can pan ocean hardware be customized?

Yes, pan Yang hardware can provide customized product services for customers. 

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