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shower hinge purchase skills know how much

2018-05-28 16:12:18

In the bathroom renovation, bathroom cabinets and other home improvement believe that everyone is very concerned about. Do not know if you have noticed the importance of shower hinge hardware, small hardware, such as bathroom clips, variety, how to choose, I believe many friends in the renovation of the new home have been puzzled.

How much do you know about shower hinge? To choose a shower hinge, first, look at the material. The all-copper cast bathroom clips are structurally compact; second, the weight of the mattress. Hand weighed, the same paragraph with the same material shower hinge emphasis on the general quality is relatively good point, and feel real, strong and durable. Third, look at the plating standard. The electroplating layer can not only avoid oxidation and rust in the wet environment, but also can make the bathroom clip surface fine and uniform; Fourth, look at the process. With the standard processing of the bathroom clip, the appearance is not only beautiful, the use of good performance, but also feel good, even smooth and flawless.


If you can combine the above four elements when you choose the bathroom clip, I believe you can buy a good quality shower hinge.