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profession wholesale glass door handles suppliers

2018-06-15 12:00:31

The simple shape of modern glass door handles is bright and crisp. The unique style of art, fully shows the designer's superb design skills.


Glass door handles main material: stainless steel SUS304. 8 nickel, content of elements up to international standards
Glass door handle surface treatment: sanding (brushing), mirror light (bright). (Also can be gold plated according to color sample)
Glass door handle surface treatment: fineness can be done without cracks, no scratches, no spiking, no trachoma, no steam holes, precision and bright
Glass door handle scope of application: glass door, wooden sliding door, hanging door, aluminum sliding door, stainless steel door, screen, partition, channel
Glass door handle uses: hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, shops, hotels, banks, offices, communities, gardens, garages, beauty salons, institutions, clubs, etc.

We are a profession wholesale Glass door handle suppliers manufacturer of a variety of fashionable and innovative advanced casting process handles, luxury stainless steel handles, bathroom handles, door clips and other gated hardware products. We bring the latest fashion, technology and ideas to modern life. With strong European design concept and unique craftsmanship production process, new products are full of fashion honor in our lives.