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high quality stainless steel handles manufacturers

2018-06-14 14:53:52

The high-quality stainless steel handles manufacturers door handle technology process is not the same as the analysis, can use the stamping operation to construct finished parts, the overall analysis of the stamping will be within the size of 4 mm thick, and the casting can produce the shape and characteristics, the thickness can also be in accordance with Your idea to design.


In contrast, if you encounter a relatively large demand for bearing capacity, it is definitely necessary to carry out design casting. However, taking into account the fact that the technical process of this product is relatively special, production capital investment is undoubtedly a problem, and the later price costs will be higher. However, there is an obvious feature, that is, the cast stainless steel handle, the appearance of the design will be beautiful, bearing capacity, use the solid wood door feel more upright, practical and so on.

Our stainless steel handle door handles will allow our customers to feel the dedication of our manufacturers, and for a long time, they will certainly recognize our brand.


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