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buy discount Patch fittings suppliers

2018-06-14 14:46:03

We are a hardware supplier specializing in the production of glass door Patch Fittings. We have a large number of glass door Patch fittings in stock, and we sell glass door Patch fittings at a discount.

Glassdoor Patch fittings material: double-sided stainless steel wire drawing panel
Color: brushed stainless steel
Features: stainless steel panel wear-resistant surface does not fade after treatment, smooth corners do not fade
Glassdoor Patch fittings internal material: aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy is not easy to crack, stretch a strong material, durable, suitable for a variety of environments
Glassdoor Patch fittings and ground spring contact place: Cast iron, top Patch fittings, upper Patch fittings, lower Patch fittings, and connection parts are made of cast iron to ensure the reliable and reliable use


The glass door has many advantages. It does not block the entrance of light and can perfectly set off the goods. The glass door Patch fittings are small but it is the core of the glass door switch. At the same time, glass door Patch fittings are consumables, destined life will not be too long, so be sure to buy a durable one! 

We are excellent Chinese manufacturers. Our products, such as Patch fittings, buy discount Patch fittings suppliers, are of excellent quality and affordable. Looking forward to your inquiry。