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buy discount Patch fittings price

2018-06-15 11:51:40

We currently have a supply of low-price glass door Patch fittings. If necessary buy discount Patch fittings price, we can email you.

Patch fittings 5 advantages, leading technology, good quality can see hardware accessories
1、Selected quality material casting, real materials, durable and corrosion resistant
2, quality accessories lead the new trend of development, innovation, practicality, efficiency, save time
3, flexible sliding, long life, more exquisite workmanship, more relaxed
4, glass door Patch fittings exquisite workmanship, durability, goodbye to noise
5, choose quality steel, quality assurance, no corrosion, safety is more assured


Patch fittings product features
1, the overall thickening, strong bearing capacity, details determine the success or failure
2, zinc alloy core, the core is made of high-strength zinc alloy die-casting, durable, strong bearing capacity.
3, stainless steel glass door Patch fittings, thicker steel, bearing more powerful performance
4, advanced technology, after spraying and polishing electroplating and other complex processes, the surface texture is delicate, long-term use of bright as new


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