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[glass door clamp] glass door clip size glass door clip price.

2018-03-14 14:19:35

Glass door clamp is a kind of hardware fittings between fixed glass and wall, it is like the hinge on the door.
The glass door clamp is made of metal, divided into two parts. The glass door is clamped in the installation, and the glass door clamp is screwed to the door so that other parts can be installed.
A: then let's look at the size of the glass door and the price of the glass door.

Glass clamp

Glass door clip price.

Glass door clip currently on the market price is mainly due to the brand, model, type of varies, because the application is common glass door clamp, so prices in general are more affordable.
Here's a look at some of the glass doors that I've collected, and I'm sure there's one for you.

Glass door clip price 1.

A 304 stainless steel decorative cover glass door holder, the surface is polished by hand, the corners are smooth and anti-collision.
The inner core is made of high strength aluminum alloy, durable, bearing capacity of 100KG, suitable for most glass doors.
The glass door clamp has the precision concave buckle, the automatic stamping machine is used, and the ground spring is used closely to extend its service life effectively.
The reference price for this glass door clip is 49 yuan.

Glass door clip price 2.

This kind of glass door clamping plate is made of fine stainless steel to prevent rust, and it is more durable and durable.
The surface of the cover plate has been carefully sanded and polished to make it more smooth and smooth. The texture of the product can be reflected in any Angle, so that you can use it more easily.

Glass clamp

Glass door clip price 3.

Through the glass door clamp is made from fine quality stainless steel building, each through fine sanding polishing processing, let the glass door clip every detail perfect present in front of you, and it's bearing force of super oh, durable, so completely don't have to worry about the service life of the glass door clip is too short.

Glass door clip price 4.

This glass door clip is made of 304 stainless steel casting cover plate, which ensures that it will never rust, and is durable and durable.
The lock core is made of high quality stainless steel.
The surface of the cover is polished by careful sanding, which makes it appear smoother and more delicate, and the whole glass door is raised in a moment.
The price for this glass door clip is 98 yuan.

Glass door clip price 5.

Fruity and excessive stainless steel plate edge horn is designed, make the whole glass door clamp looks elegant and extraordinary, even if is used for a long time to also won't be a little scratch damage to nearby objects, more will not affect its use and beautiful.
Use this glass door clip to keep the perfect in your life.

Glass door clip price 6.

This glass door covers the corner of the cover plate with the excessive smooth and smooth grinding, and will not cause scratches to any objects around;
The overall carrying capacity of the closed-door device is further increased and the bearing capacity is stronger, and its service life is more durable.
The surface of the door is still sanded to make it smoother and brighter.

Glass door clip size.

Regarding the size of the glass door, according to different specifications, the size is different, and according to different installation requirements, the size of the glass door is also very different.
Therefore, the size of the glass door needs to be analyzed concretely, and the friend who wants to know can go to the boutique to consult the professional. 

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