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Why shower hinge Produce Long Delivery Periods

2018-05-30 14:25:55

With the popularity of shower rooms, shower hinge are used in a wide range of applications and are in great demand. When Xiaobian recently communicated with guests, many customers would often say that the delivery time of our shower hinge was long. Today Xiaobian will address this issue and explain why the delivery time of shower hinge is long.

For the production of shower hinge, we will carry out precision casting, forging and flattening according to the materials required by customers. This will eliminate defects such as cast-state loosening caused by metal during the smelting process and optimize the microstructure. After casting and forging, it is machined with professional equipment and reasonable molds to create a shower hinge.


After machining, it is polished. Each shower hinge (for example, copper material) is polished and polished six times. The shower hinge is subjected to quality inspection and 7C thickening of environmental protection plating. After the shower hinge are plated, they also need quality inspection. Only qualified shower hinge can be assembled. The assembly of shower hinge is assembled with professional shower hinge assembly equipment. After each shower hinge has been tested, good performance can be regarded as a good shower hinge.

shower hinge are arranged for each production process, and the delivery period of one and a half months is not long. In addition to the manufacturers in stock on the market, or less than this production time is mostly in a certain production process is not good or lack of a certain production process, so that the shower hinge produced by the natural quality is not good.

I hope that through Xiaobian's explanation, everyone can understand and be tolerant of producing a bathroom for a long time.