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Why does the glass door Patch fittings rust easily on rainy days?

2018-05-29 14:38:37

In the once-a-year rainy season, some people are happy to get rid of the heat, but some people worry about rain. This is also a headache for most glass hardware buyers. ----- The glass door Patch fittings that were not bought a long time rusted so quickly!
 Patch fittings
Many buyers wondered why the glass door Patch fittings were not stainless steel. Why did they still rust? In fact, this is a wrong view of the lack of understanding of stainless steel. Stainless steel will also rust under certain conditions.

Stainless steel contains corrosion resistance, but the corrosion resistance is a matter of size. Stainless steels 201 and 304, for example, contain insufficient amounts of chromium and are therefore prone to rust. When stainless steel's other metal components go up, its performance will be better and better. The most common choice in coastal areas is stainless steel 316.

Patch fittings
Stainless steel 316 is good, but the cost is high, the source of the product is small, and the surface looks the same as other stainless steel such as 304. It always feels like it was cheated after purchase. If you have this kind of idea, hereby buyers are advised to buy copper glass door Patch fittings. First of all, the material is generally international No.59 brass. Its strength and hardness are high, and on the basis of good corrosion resistance, we will add plating. A layer of very thick chromium or nickel surface, strengthening its anti-corrosion, but also makes its appearance more decent!

Finally, give you some tips on the maintenance of pure copper and stainless steel hardware.

1. Keep it as clean as possible. Generally, stainless steel sticks with organic substances and it will rust, such as cesium and salt.
2. Do not use acid wiper glass door Patch fitting, such as soap, acid cleaners, etc.
3. The patina can be rubbed with kerosene once and then polished with dentifrice.