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What is the glass door clip and Patch fittings?

2018-03-17 14:21:50

With the development of mall, glass door is more and more widely used.
The advantages of glass door are more and more obvious, it can not only effectively display products, but also sound insulation and dust.
Glass doors have a lot of components assembled, so what is a glass door clip?
What does it do?
Let's go and have a look at it.

Patch fittings
Patch fittings
Glass clamp
Glass clamp
shower hinge
shower hinge

 What is glass door clip - concept?
Glass door clamp, also known as the door, the inner core of fixed glass door, is commonly used in density board, because they accept the friction force is bigger, so higher requirements for material and process.
The glass door clamp is fixed on the glass door edge to install the hardware fittings of other parts.
There are many brands of glass doors on the market and on the Internet, with different materials and various types.
But it is generally made of metal.

The glass door clamp
What is the glass door clip?
Xingguya: this door clip is made of 304 stainless steel casting cover, which guarantees never rust, and is durable and durable.
The lock core is made of high quality stainless steel.
The surface of the cover is polished by careful sanding, which makes it appear smoother and more delicate, which makes it go up a notch all the time.

China and solid: this is a pure copper bathroom clip: the product cost of high quality, good toughness, environmental health.
With high endurance and long life, the load will not be deformed for a long time.
Surface treatment is electroplated!

Patch fittings

Bartender is: fruity and excessive stainless steel cover plate edge design, make the whole glass door clamp looks elegant and extraordinary, even use for a long time to also won't be a little scratch damage to nearby objects, more will not affect the use of aesthetic.
Use this door clip to keep the perfect fit in your life.
The reference price is 50 yuan.

Glass door has a lot of advantages, it completely does not cut off the light to enter, can perfect foil the commodity.
The glass door is small but is the core of the glass door switch.
At the same time glass door clip belongs to consumable goods, the life is not too long, so must buy a durable!
If you need a glass door clip, check out the above brands. 

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