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What is the Glass clamp size introduction?

2018-03-14 14:25:42

When it comes to glass doors, you must be familiar with them.
It is a hardware accessory that is fixed on the edge of the glass door to install other parts.
So what exactly is a Glass clamp?
What are the types of glass door clamps?
This is a good idea to follow.
What is the Glass clamp Glass door clamp, also known as the door, the inner core of fixed glass door, is commonly used in density board, because they accept the friction force is bigger, so higher requirements for material and process.
The glass door clamp is fixed on the glass door edge to install the hardware fittings of other parts.

glass door clamp
glass door clamp
Glass door holder mounting.
Glass door holder mounting.

 The Glass clamp size category is now sold in the market for the variety of glass door products, such as curved clip, one word clip, top clip, and so on, the material is also different, but generally speaking mainly metal.
On the Glass clamp size selection, according to different specifications, the size of the choice is different, and in accordance with the different installation requirements, glass door clamp size are also great differences.
Therefore, the size of the glass door needs to be analyzed concretely, and the friend who wants to know can go to the boutique to consult the professional.

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