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What is a glass door Patch fittings lock?

2018-06-05 10:43:48

A glass door Patch fittings lock is a type of lock that is fixed to a glass door. The ground lock is not on the ground. It is at the bottom of the glass door that the lock hole is dug out. Generally, the frameless glass door is tempered, so the hole should be pre-opened before making the steel, and a hole must be made in the corresponding ground. When the lock is locked, the tongue of the lock is locked. You can reach into the hole in the ground and the glass door locks.

glass door Patch fittings lock

Glass door Patch fittings lock product features
High-quality materials: Made of one-piece cast stainless steel, it is safe and durable.
Seiko production: After a rigorous process of production and polished into a smooth thick, thick panel
Quality Assurance: Reliable quality, large plants have received goods, reasonable prices