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The quality of stainless steel elbow determines the customer's return rate.

2018-03-26 11:25:55

Sales of stainless steel pipe bending, every day in the same sincere service every day, work hard, but sometimes will let customers are not satisfied, sometimes will let customers is to treat your services, but one day if you are sincere customer service, the customer can also give you sure, this is a happy thing.

Mike is a stainless steel product. On facebook, he told us to purchase 90 degrees of stainless steel bending pipe 63 bending tube *0.9 thick and 1.5 tons.
But said time is too tight and catch up with the Chinese New Year, product delivery is not there, so choose after purchasing, the order with you so YiKai years come, he hope I can find a good international logistics delivery of stainless steel elbow for him, so I took this fact impressed my heart.

titanium elbow length stainless steel railing accessories
90 degree pipe elbow

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It was just two days, so two went together.
Everything went well, the payment is paid in advance, and behold behind when asked specifically address, customers have been saying, we hope our bending tubes can meet the demands of him, and he is doing the products, customer service flustered, thought oneself just spot sales of stainless steel pipe, if do products, if there are other requirements for turn round, have what demand or whether you need outside liquid circulation (because many people have such demand), idea in mind constantly.

Customer group photo

After the call to learn about Mike, it's just that the roundness of the curved pipe is higher.
He also Shared his last purchase experience: he initially purchased from our company, and the latter group also asked about the price of our company, but he asked other families to find that the price was better than our company's.
He chose other homes, but received the goods before he knew he had been cheated.
What you need is a solid stainless steel elbow, which is only 0.5 solid.
So he chose our company.
When it is known that it is related to thickness and curved pipe diameter.
"I assured him.
There is absolutely no problem with our product.