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The importance of patch fittings in glass doors

2018-04-13 15:38:42

The variety of glass door patch fittings is extremely varied,  and the dimensions are the same, but it plays an irreplaceable role in home decoration. Good glass door patch fittings can make life easier and more quality. So what kind of role does the glass door patch fittings door clip play?
The material characteristics of the glass door itself, so whether it is a framed glass door or a frameless glass door, it is necessary to match the door clips of patch fittings of different specifications to realize the door opening. The door clip is one of the important types of glass fittings, from top to bottom. The glass doors are fixed in both directions, which protects the glass doors and windows and keeps the glass doors off the track.
The glass door is a kind of special kind of door leaf. First of all, its thickness is not enough to be a solid door, and it is not a special-shaped door. In fact, it is a special form of door leaf. The glass door sub-tempered glass and normal float glass are generally made of glass material with a thickness of 12 mm (mm), and the toughened glass is both strong and safe.
Therefore, when we choose the glass door patch fittings for safety reasons, we must choose a good quality decoration hardware company.