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The floor spring for glass door of operating

2018-04-25 16:43:43

The floor spring for glass door is also a kind of hydraulic door closer. The device that compresses the spring is a worm gear instead of a gear rack. Because the worm gear can rotate in the forward and reverse directions, the floor spring can be used The fore a bi-directionally open door and the door closer can only be used for a one-way open door. The technical key of the ground spring is the bearing seat on the lower part of the main shaft, which determines the load bearing level of The ground spring. Because the floor spring for bidirectional opening of the door carries the weight of the door body, the weight of the door body plays a decisive role in the selection of the floor spring compared to the door closer. Door width and air pressure Are also very important for the selection of floor spring models. From the production point of view, the floor spring for glass door structure makes the compression of the spring smaller than the gear rack drive door closer, and the spring closing forc e is also short, so the quality of the ground spring depends on the structural design and machining accuracy More sexual.