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The choice of bathroom glass clip

2018-03-08 17:30:18

Due to family use frequently between wei yu, sanitary hardware fittings must be able to withstand high temperatures, high humidity and other "stress test", so, the choose and buy of wei yu hardware fittings will directly affect our lives.

Next, let's take a look at the selection of bathroom glass between bathroom:

First of all, the product structure performance: the high quality bathroom glass clip structure is firm, firm, with the hand under the sway does not appear the loose phenomenon, the product reasonable humanized design, the use is convenient;

bathroom glass clip
bathroom glass clip
bathroom glass clip
bathroom glass clip


Followed by the surface of the product: high quality product will do the surface treatment, surface usually is light or wire drawing processing, to meet the requirements of personality consumer decorate, also have some products do different color surface treatment, surface treatment of uniform, smooth, no color, no loss.

Again, the material and accessories of the product:

Quality products all use copper or stainless steel # 304 as main material, because copper and stainless steel # 304 never rust, oxidation, longer service life of the product, and ensure and has the very high collection value.

Finally is the product after-sales and price, when buying products must buy branded products, made of normal manufacturer are shown on the laser marks, packaging products brand, factory address, phone, etc.
And has the manufacturer or the businessman's after-sales commitment letter.
Solve the after-sales problem quickly.
In the information developed today, we can use the online price inquiry, according to the above key physical stores to compare products to obtain cost-effective products. 

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