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Supplier's classification of glass door Patch fittings clips

2018-06-07 15:17:14

   As the use of frameless glass doors has gradually become a trend, hardware accessories such as glass clips have also emerged. Different glass clips have different functions and functions. Faced with so many styles, how does the engineering firm choose the right one? Olidi briefly introduces you to the classification of bathroom Patch fittings.

Material: Bathroom clips of different materials will vary in quality and price. It is roughly divided into copper bathroom clips, stainless steel 304, 201 # bathroom clips, and zinc alloy bathroom Patch fittings.


Corner: The bathroom clip is also a self-closing device. For different bathroom designs, there are 180 degrees, 135 degrees, 90 degrees, 25 degrees.

Corner design: In the shape, including the right angle, hypotenuse and curved bathroom clip

Function: including bathroom clips for fixing glass on the wall, fixing clips for use between the glass, and partition codes

Surface treatment: General bathroom clamp surface treatment includes sanding (drawing), electroplating (mirror light) and titanium gold.