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Stair Handrail bracket price, stair Handrail bracket material have what?

2018-03-10 13:57:12

Now there are a lot of families are in home decorating villa, but now people in decorating villa, go some place to install stairs, to be on the safe side, there are a lot of homeowners would choose to install stair Handrail bracket, but there are a lot of householder is don't know the price of stair Handrail bracket, stair Handrail bracket what material?

Stainless Steel wall bracket

1. High-grade material: adopt the national standard q-235a steel, welding process: carbon dioxide gas shielded welding.
(welding point is uniform, the gas tight performance is strong, the firmness is good) welding electrode.
Wrought iron arts: wrought iron by hand.
Surface treatment: hot dip galvanizing, electrostatic spraying: no need for thinner, no pollution to the environment, no harm to the human body;
Excellent appearance quality, adhesion and mechanical strength;
Short curing time of spraying construction;
The corrosion resistance of the coating is much higher.
No primer;
Simple construction and low technical requirement for workers;
The cost is lower than the spray painting process;
Some construction occasions have clearly stated that electrostatic spraying process must be used;
The flow phenomenon of spray painting process will not appear in the spraying process of electrostatic spraying powder.

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