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Stainless steel handrail bracket accessories construction plan

2018-04-21 14:02:41

 Stainless steel handrail bracket accessories well-known companies - Langfang Tianheshun Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., we often read a large number of documents for the production of safe production, high-quality production, high-quality stainless steel stair handrail bracket accessories for mass production, and to provide products for buying Tianheshun products Information and detailed information to facilitate customers' understanding and understanding. Stainless steel handrail bracket accessories manufacturers to share stainless steel staircase handrail bracket, glass railings to share the construction plan for everyone.


 First of all, the following brief description of the process flow: measuring pay-off line → embedded device production and installation → clean embedded parts → install stainless steel pillars → welding stainless steel railings → install stainless steel rope → polishing → installation
Followed by concrete steps
1. The position of the pipe is accurately determined according to the length of the pipe. The deviation should be within 1mm.
2. Straighten or replace straight pipe fittings before pipe cutting. Vertically and orderly, the connection between the banister and stepping embedded parts and handrail brackets is solidly welded. The joints at the exposed parts are tight, smooth and smooth without obvious marks. 3. When installing the pole, the spacing should not be less than 900mm, not more than 1200mm; the distance between the upper crossbar and the surface tube should be 110mm, and the height of the suspended rail should not be less than 1100mm.
4. The welding rod or welding wire should adopt factory qualified factory products, the welding spot should be firm and full, the welding wave on the weld surface should be uniform, no undercut, no welding, crack, slag, welding, burning, arc abrasion Defects such as craters and pinholes occur.


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