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Stainless steel glass door handle supplier

2018-06-26 15:17:15

Stainless steel Glass door handle with modern, classical, glass handle look good, luxurious, simple, a variety of styles for your choice, glass handle, to meet the requirements of humanized design.


Stainless steel Glass door handle features:
1, good self-cleaning performance.
2, no maintenance.
3, the appearance of beautiful appearance.
4, product variety, shape changeable.
5, easy installation, using seamless connection process, good security, reasonable design, modular installation, construction is simple and fast.
6, with strong resistance to pollution, acid, corrosion, wear resistance, is environmentally friendly products.

Not only the function of the ordinary glass door handle, but also the lock function, and the lateral distance between the two handles is adjustable, the vertical distance between the fixed feet of the handle itself is adjustable, and the glass door handle lock is also cleverly designed to be flexible. And the rotating lock bolt, when the door is opened, the lock bolt can be rotated and retracted into the handle tube, which can not be seen in appearance; when the glass door is locked, the lock bolt can be taken out of the handle tube, and after rotating, the handle is pulled by the other hand The lock on the lock to lock the glass door. 

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