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Stainless steel glass connector types and materials

2018-05-26 11:12:36

Clip type: 0 degree Glass connector, 90 degree single Glass connector, 90 degree double Glass connector, 135 degree double Glass connector

Brushed stainless steel Glass connector
Pure stainless steel, surface drawing suitable for 10-12mm glass

High quality stainless steel Glass connector
Pure stainless steel, brushed surface, simple and stylish, durable, not easy to rust

Glass plastic gasket
In order to better protect the installation of glass, we newly upgrade the plastic protection ring, soft and flexible, so that the glass is not damaged

Opening 12mm
Our glass clamps are specially designed to protect the glass during installation, and a rubber ring is specially added in the middle. The opening needs 12mm.

Hexagon screw fixing
For better and safer installation of glass clamps, our new upgraded hexagonal screws give fixed

Thicker body material
Pure stainless steel brand new build material thickness up to 3m, than the market's products