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Stainless steel Railing post material and installation method

2018-04-09 11:00:04

The stainless steel Railing post guardrail is simple, beautiful, elegant and luxurious. The guardrail formed by the Railing post is also used in modern finished staircases. Then, how do you know the installation of the Railing post? What material does it consist of? Next Xiaobian will introduce the installation procedures and related knowledge for the Railing post.
Stainless steel Railing post material?

      With the continuous development and improvement of the Railing post, the common materials used to form the Railing post are: stainless steel, stainless steel + wood, carbon steel, wood, aluminum, stone, acrylic and so on. The commonly used stainless steel types are 201#, 304#, 316# steel, etc. Some home improvement styles are also designed in the form of clip wood to form a retro style. If your home belongs to a Chinese style decoration, then the wood column is very suitable.
      What are the accessories for the Railing post?

Steel fittings for stair columns are usually divided into castings and stampings as well as car parts, which are also hollow and solid. The commonly used stair column fittings include: handrail support seat (active head), mediation (counter hole gasket), screw, glass pendant (glass clip), tight top, bottom plate, tooth cake pad, pull rod head and so on.
Commonly used hollow column fittings for the manufacture of staircases are generally stampings and welded pieces and pipes. Because of their low prices, hollow fittings for Railing posts are currently popular on the market.

Railing post installation method
      The installation of Railing posts is generally divided into pre-embedded and stepped treads. As people pursue beauty and nature, surface mounting is widely accepted by people and gradually becomes the mainstream.

Railing post
Railing post

porch railing post
porch railing post

stainless steel fence post
stainless steel fence post


If the stone is the surface of the surface of the concrete structure of the installation of the plate, you should first use the diamond mouth in the stone surface hole, and then use the impact brick inside the concrete material step hole, and then install. If you do this, you will be able to keep the stone surface intact, and you will not need to make a stone for the stair pillars when laying out the stairs.

If it is a wooden stepped pedal, then the brick bricks will be made of woodblock bricks and then impact bricks will be used to open holes in the cement material steps.
      If you do this, the guardrail will be quite strong, but it must be put in cement. Post installation of the column is done by handrails, and then the rest of the remaining processes are done.

      When installing the stair post guard rail, in order to prevent the stair post guardrail from shaking, the following points should be noted:
(1) When installing the guardrail connector, do not use wooden mallets, wood screws or self-tapping screws directly on the ground to connect with the wooden floor.
(2) The pillars and the connecting parts are combined firmly and tightly without gaps. The lap length is as long as possible without affecting the appearance quality.
(3) According to the principle of three points forming a plane, the expansion bolts of the fixed connector cannot be on the same straight line, and the spacing should be as large as possible to enhance the stability of the connector. If welded, the inside and outside of the guardrail must be welded.
(4) The armrest at the end of the guardrail should be fixed on the wall with the flange on the wall.
 Summary: The above is the installation method and related knowledge of Railing posts collected by Xiaobian for everyone. I hope everyone can help! I believe that after reading the above article, we have a certain understanding of the material and installation of the Railing post. If you want to learn more about this knowledge, please pay attention to the information platform of the Kim Il Sung stairs! Here are more things you want to know!


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