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Stainless steel Railing post Mounting and Ladder Surface Mount

2018-04-10 11:27:43

The installation of the staircase pillars plays a decisive role in the safety of the use of the stairs in the future. There are two types of stair Railing post installations: embedded and step surface mounting.

As people pursue beauty and nature, surface mounting is widely accepted by people, and the installation of the surface of a cement slab with a stone surface should be preceded by a hole in the surface of the stone material, and then the impact brick is used to hold the surface. Cement material step hole, and then install. In this case, the integrity of the stone surface can be maintained, and when the ladder is installed, it is not necessary to make stone in order to accommodate the pillar of the staircase.

If it is a wooden stepped pedal, then the brick bricks will be made of woodblock bricks and then impact bricks will be used to open holes in the cement material steps. If this is done, the guardrail will be quite strong, but it must be put into the cement. Post installation of the Railing post is done by handrails, and then the rest of the remaining processes are done.

In home decoration, there are some staircases where the user's stair Railing post guardrail will shake with his hand and give people an unsafe feeling. What causes this? The main reason for the swinging of the guardrail is the fence Railing post. The bottom is not properly installed, and there is no fixed measure at the top.

When installing the Stainless steel stair post guardrail, the following points should be noted:

(1) Installation of guard rails The connector shall not be fixed on the floor of the building with wooden twigs, wood screws or directly with wooden screws.

(2) According to the principle of three points forming a plane, the expansion bolts of the fixed connector cannot be on the same straight line, and the spacing should be as large as possible to enhance the stability of the connector. If welded, the inside and outside of the guardrail must be welded.

(3) Staircase pillars and connectors are firmly joined together with no gaps. The lap length is as long as possible without affecting the appearance quality.

(4) The handrail at the top of the handrail shall be fixed with the wall body against the wall.



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