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Simple and elegant glass door key lock supplier

2018-06-30 13:42:51

Nowadays, the glass door key locks are available in a variety of styles. Reliable and durable glass door key lock is the guarantee for consumers to choose the most important choice. With the security guarantee, you can keep your door and keep your life and property safe. Hu is not only beautiful, but also very strong in use. The simple and elegant glass door key lock is very popular among consumers.

The glass door key lock is a type of door lock applied to the glass door, and the common ones include a handle lock, a mortise lock, and a ground lock. With the advancement of science and technology, the glass door lock has a cross-shaped key high-grade door lock, magnetic card type key door lock, password door lock, electronic door lock, fingerprint door lock, voice-activated door lock, etc., which prevent the forgery of the key, which is convenient for people's daily life. It also provides corresponding security for life.

Glass door key lock material is usually made of high-strength structure or zinc alloy die-casting or stainless steel support, to overcome the shortcomings of iron, zinc alloy rust, aging, lack of steel, surface treatment of multiple drawing or mirror, beautiful and elegant, with a stylish sense.