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Shower room patch fittings Buy knowledge

2018-04-14 11:21:46

Shower room Patch fittings Buy knowledge 
The patch fittings in the shower room seem to be small, but it is very important, it has a great effect on the fixed shower room, especially the frameless shower room series, so when choosing the shower room, we must pay attention to view Its patch fittings are complete. So, how do you buy the patch fittings for the shower room?
1, see the material
The copper of high-quality patch fittings is the highest-end copper in the general bathroom: H59, and some brands use copper as H39 or H49, which is relatively inferior to the former.
2, see the process
High-quality patch fittings generally require five processes of fine grinding, medium grinding, triple grinding, finishing and sand processing before plating. The surface of the copper material is bright and smooth, and has strong adsorption. After that, the surface is degreasing with an alkaline agent, and the wax is removed with the precision of the imported ultrasonic equipment. After the treatment, the wax is very clean and therefore has strong adhesion.
Inferior copper patch fittings only require fine grinding, medium grinding, and fine grinding. The copper surface has a general brightness, pinholes, and general adsorption force. Afterwards, dewaxing and dewaxing with water increase the temperature, the effect of removing the wax is not thorough, so the adhesion is poor, resulting in the coating is easy to fall off.
3, see the plating process
Electroplating process to the surface after electropaint treatment, more wear and difficult to scratch. After electroplating, the combination of copper and plating is extremely strong, the surface is always bright and new, there are no appearance problems such as pinhole black spots, corrosion resistance is extremely strong, and the service life is long.