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Shower glass connector hardware accessories supply

2018-05-23 14:23:02

Glass connector product description:
Name: Solid casting 0 degree single glass clip / Glass connector
Model: 0 ° fixed angle by the wall
Packing quantity: 160 pieces/carton
Material: 304 stainless steel
Specifications: 45*45MM (with single screw holes and double screw holes)
Material thickness: 4MM casting (Note, the general market is 2-3MM thick material stamping internal welding, we are 4MM thick casting, that is, stainless steel melting into a mold after high temperature melting, its cost It is much higher than the stamping on the market)
The best glass opening diameter: 14MM
Distance from center of glass to glass edge (wall): 22MM
Surface treatment: steel wire drawing, mirror (optional)
Weight: net weight 130 (+/-10) g/only
Bearing weight: 120KG/2 only (This weight-bearing solid casting is not doubtful!)
Applicable door thickness: 8-12MM thick tempered glass
Scope of application: generally applicable to the fixed installation of glass and wall or ground