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Shower accessories hardware, wholesale glass connector prices

2018-06-08 11:41:14

We are a wholesale glass connector suppliers, specializing in the wholesale production of glass connection products. If you want to purchase glass connection products, you can view the detailed samples on the glass connection page. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email wholesale glass connector prices.


    The shower room hardware glass fittings are made of copper and stainless steel, and 59# copper and 304 stainless steel are used. The wall clips and hinges are made of 59# copper, which is one of its hardness and flexibility. It has high bearing capacity and effectively guarantees the performance and service life of the shower room. Although the cost is high, it has a long service life. The thickness of the electroplated layer of copper fittings is 11um, and after 24 hours of acidic salt spray test, the quality of surface plating reaches ten or more. There is no black spots on the surface for long-term use, bubbles, delamination, etc. The stainless steel materials used in the shower room are all used by the industry. 304 stainless steel.

    Stainless steel glass fittings are self-opening design, selection of 304 stainless steel materials in accordance with the standard, the use of advanced processing equipment, to achieve a mirror effect, with a strong metal texture.

    Component categories: eccentric PXL, bounce wheel TTL, swing wheel BDL, single pendulum double DBSL, bouncing double wheel TTSL, drum drum YGL, drum double wheel YGSL; single, double, four-wheel hanging, hanging and so on.

    Accessories: stainless steel bearing pulley series, bearing steel bearing pulley series, anti-rust mixing roller, hardware and plastic accessories.

    Non-standard bearings, stainless steel ball, precision bearing steel metric steel ball.wholesale glass connector prices.