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Semicircular bathroom fixture, bathroom stainless steel glass connector, stainless steel semicircular glass connector

2018-04-24 14:46:36

Bathroom fixtures are mainly used in the use of the highest quality stainless steel materials, 100% full material, thick design, longer life and more durable.
The bathroom glass connector has a wealth of experience in the drawing process. It can be seen that the surface of our products looks simple and gorgeous. Whether it is used in the bathroom glass doors of the hotel or the glass door of the bathroom for the family, it is a kind of wild. Cooperate.
1. The shower room glass connector is made of high-quality stainless steel, with superior quality and ease of use.


2. The surface treatment of bathroom glass door clamps is the pride of our products. Welding, grinding and stamping are the skills of our professional handlers.
3, shower room glass connector production after multiple salt spray test, multi-layer plating treatment, effectively prevent corrosion, galvanized products oxidation rust, to maintain the original luster.
Note: All the treasures in the shop are taken in kind, and the baby is basically close to the photo effect, but due to the reflection of light or the resolution of the computer monitor, the baby's kind and the picture you see are inevitably slightly deviated. Require particularly high buyers to take care!


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