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Select stainless steel shower hinge wholesale manufacturer

2018-06-27 14:53:54

Bathroom clips are also called shower hinges. They are stylish and beautiful, and easy to install. Nowadays, the bathroom is popular with frameless shower rooms, some glass door hinges and glass hinges, among which the bathroom clips are widely used.

Stainless steel shower hinge can be divided into stainless steel, copper, and zinc alloys. Stainless steel shower hinge do not require electroplating treatment, so it will not appear blistering or moldy appearance for a long time. Gravity is also better. Copper bathroom clips are bright after electroplating, and the grades are generally better. The showers are often used, and the cost is relatively higher than the zinc alloy shower hinges. However, the plating is not easy to make the surface blistering, and the alloy's weight bearing capacity is also relatively poor, and it is prone to brittle fracture.


Stainless steel shower hinge is a small piece of hardware on the glass door, but it is the key to carrying the entire weight of the glass door, opening, and closing, glass door cannot belong, safe use depends on the choice of the hinge is good or not.

Stainless steel shower hinge process how to see the details

The processing technology determines whether the various parts can be well combined. Take hinges for opening and closing, high-quality hinges are relatively light and the adjustment screws are tightly fitted. The first use must be done with a screwdriver. The inferior hinges are relatively hard, and the adjustment screws are not tight enough to be turned by hand.

The details of the high-quality hinges are very elegant. The edges of the springs are smooth and smooth, and some of them are protected by nylon protection devices. The poor quality of this detail has not been polished, as well as glitches. Weight is also generally 20%-30% lighter than premium hinges.

Although the shower hinges are small in size, they determine the opening and closing functions, usage and lifespan of the glass doors. When everyone picks them on the spot, you can try to see whether the hinge reversal is flexible and whether there is a phenomenon of “stagnation”. The load-bearing aspects should be comprehensively considered from the selection of materials and processes.