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Physical properties of stainless steel patch fittings

2018-04-18 16:45:56

Physical properties of stainless steel patch fittings  
As with other materials, physical properties mainly include the following three aspects: (bottom glass door patch fittings) thermodynamic properties such as melting point, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and linear expansion coefficient, and electromagnetic properties such as resistivity, electrical conductivity, and magnetic permeability, and Young's modulus of elasticity, rigidity coefficient and other mechanical properties. These properties are generally considered as inherent characteristics of stainless steel materials, but they are also affected by factors such as temperature, degree of processing, and magnetic field strength. In general, stainless steel has lower thermal conductivity and higher electrical resistance than pure iron, while the linear expansion coefficient and magnetic permeability are different depending on the crystal structure of stainless steel itself. (patch fittings for swing door) Table 4-1—Tables 4—5 list the physical properties of martensitic stainless steels, ferritic stainless steels, austenitic stainless steels, precipitation hardened stainless steels, and duplex stainless steels. Such as density, melting point, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, coefficient of linear expansion, resistivity, permeability and longitudinal elastic coefficient and other parameters. Stainless steel patch fittings The correlation between physical properties and temperature.
Specific heat capacity: As the temperature changes, the specific heat capacity will change, but once the phase transition or precipitation occurs in the metal structure during the temperature change, the specific heat capacity will change significantly.