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New style door Patch fittings

2018-05-30 14:12:38

So the first solution should be the bulky problem, and the best way to solve this problem is to use the abs material to make the shell. Some people worry that with light materials, the door Patch fittings shell will be very easy to change. However, the abs material is not only light and not easily deformable. After being tested for at least 6-8 years or even longer, if it is still worrying, then the best way is to put on stainless steel plaque, which is beautiful and practical.

Patch fittings

The second problem to be solved is the convenience. Apple's mobile phones have made people feel no point in the past few years, but why can there be so loyal customers for Apple wallets because of its system? Convenience is too strong. Once it is used, it can not be put down, and the new type of door Patch fittings lock uses a button switch instead of a traditional twist switch. The warranty is as high as 200,000 to 300,000 times, which fully meets the needs of modern people.

Patch fittings
The third problem is the internal quality. The inner core is made of aluminum alloy. The weight is almost the same as that of the zinc alloy. The durability is at least 2-3 years longer than the zinc alloy. The inner gasket is imported from Europe and America. Aging is stronger than ordinary gaskets, not easy to yellow, sticky, and safety MAX!