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Manufacturer of glass clips

2018-07-01 08:51:57

As the use of frameless glass doors has gradually become a trend, hardware accessories such as glass clips have also emerged. Different glass clips have different functions and functions. With so many styles, how can we choose the right one? Below we briefly introduce the classification of glass clips.

The quality and price of glass clips of different materials will vary. Probably divided into copper glass clips, stainless steel 304, 201 # glass clips, zinc alloy glass clips.

The glass clip is also an automatic closing device designed for different bathroom designs, with 180 degree opening and closing, 135 degrees, 90 degrees, 25 degrees.

In appearance, it includes right angles, hypotenuses and arc glass clips. Including glass clamps for fixing glass to walls, fixing clips for use between glass, and partition codes. General glass clip surface treatments include sanding (drawing), electroplating (mirror), and titanium.