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Hydraulic Floor spring technology introduction

2018-05-21 15:16:14

We produce in the Floor spring, after 100 million times fatigue test without any damage or bad!
1, high-end materials more wear-resistant
Developed Floor spring shaft head made of alloy steel material with high wear resistance

2, high quality and stable axle head
Adopt international standard size, fit the Floor spring fittings on the market

3, high quality steel thick panel
High-grade stainless steel, no rust, more beautiful and longer life

4, original authentic strength factory
Made of high quality steel castings with high resistance to blows


Floor spring production process
The Floor spring main components of the ground spring are all formed by cp-MI alloy steel by forging, tempered and quenched, and all the parts that are ground are immersed in high-quality, low-temperature-resistant hydraulic oil. In the temperature of minus 40 degrees to 40 degrees can be used normally

Built-in pressure reducing valve enables the host to be protected from damage or oil leakage in environments with strong external pressure or strong winds.

Accurate positioning performance, whether it is outward or inward can be positioned at 0 degrees, when the door is opened to 90 degrees, it will be accurately automatic positioning