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How to see the material, buy glass connector hardware accessories

2018-06-01 15:34:58

Glass connector hardware accessories usually refer to glass connector clips, handles or handles, door locks and so on. Glass connector hardware in the bathroom and other areas, the role is self-evident. It can not only make home decoration beautiful but also make the glass connector structure more solid. There are many manufacturers of glass connector hardware, and the quality is also uneven. How can an engineering company choose the right hardware accessories? It is necessary to understand the basic materials of the hardware. General hardware products, selected materials, including zinc alloys, steel, aluminum or aluminum alloys, copper and stainless steel. Olivier briefly takes you to understand the different characteristics of different materials.

glass connector
ZINC ALLOY GLASS CONNECTIONS: The zinc alloy itself is not strong because of its hardness, so it is easy to create complex pattern parts under pressure casting. However, poor rust resistance, even if the surface is thicker plating is also very easy to black foam.

Steel glass connector: high strength, low cost, can be used as internal structural materials such as general locks, but it is prone to rust.
Aluminum and aluminum alloys: lightweight, low strength, easy to process and shape.

Copper glass connector: a wide range of applications, because of its good corrosion resistance, solid rust, used as a decorative appearance, such as door handle accessories, flat surface, high density. The surface of the home design can be upscale by plating various surface treatments such as gold plating and gold dust.

Stainless steel glass fittings: Durable and excellent in strength and oxidation resistance. Stainless steel includes 304 and 201 because 304 stainless steel has better metal properties and will be used for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to use a 304 stainless steel bathroom clip in a wet environment such as a bathroom.