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How to install stainless steel handrail brackets How to install stainless steel handrail brackets

2018-04-09 10:48:40

The guardrails are designed to protect people's safety, and the use of different material guardrails is due to durability and aesthetics, while stainless steel guardrails are armrests that have these advantages. The stainless steel guardrail is composed of a main pole and an upright column, which can be generally divided into stainless steel composite pipes and stainless steel pipes. The price is about 280 yuan. The installation of stainless steel guardrails should be followed by the practice of embedding, which is relatively safe. It is also very important to clean the stainless steel guardrail. Gently wipe it. The stainless steel guardrail structure is generally divided into a main pole and a pillar, and the main pole is also often referred to as a main conductor (for example, the railing of the stair guardrail is what we call the main guard and the handrail bracket); the vertical pillar can also be called a riser; Supporting supervisors. What about stainless steel fences?


Stainless Steel Fence Handrail Bracket Installation

1, embedded floor. Installation of embedded parts (post-embedded parts) The installation of embedded parts of railings can only be carried out by means of post-embedded parts. The practice is to use expansion bolts and steel plates to make post-connection parts. The first step is to put the wires on the civil engineering base to determine the columns. Fix the position of the point, then use the impact drill to drill on the ground, and then install the expansion bolt. The bolt maintains a sufficient length. After the bolt is positioned, the bolt is tightened and the nut and the screw are welded to prevent the nut and the steel plate from loosening. The above method is also applied to the connection between the handrail and the wall surface.

2, take the line. In the construction of embedded parts, errors may occur. Therefore, before installing the column, the line should be re-lined to determine the accuracy of the position of the buried plate and the welding pole. If there is any deviation, correct it in time.

3, welding column. When installing upright columns and welding columns, it is necessary to double-fit, one holding the steel tube to keep it vertical, and it cannot be shaken during welding. The other person applies welding, welding should be performed around the surface, and welding specifications should be complied with.

4, welding surface tube, glass connector. Before the handrails and columns are installed, the grooves are drawn at the upper ends of the handrails by pulling wires through elongated wires according to the inclination of the site and the roundness of the handrails used. Then put the handrail directly into the column groove, and then spot welding installation from one end to the other end. The adjacent handrails are installed and docked accurately, and the joints are tight. After the adjacent steel pipes are mated, the joints are welded with stainless steel electrodes and then fitted with machine glass.

5, polished and polished. After all the welds are made, the weld is flattened with a hand grinder until the weld is not visible.

6, install the glass. Machines equipped with glass, glass, etc., the type and thickness of the railing glass shall meet the design requirements, and tempered glass with a thickness of not less than 12mm shall be used.

Stainless steel guardrail armrest bracket cleaning

1. Take care not to scratch the surface. Do not use harsh and sharp materials to scrub stainless steel, especially mirror light. Use a soft, hard-to-drop material to scrub, sand steel and brushed surfaces. Follow the lines. To wipe, otherwise it is easy to engage in the flower surface.

2. Avoid the use of washing liquids, steel balls, grinding tools, etc. containing bleaching ingredients and abrasives. To avoid residual washing liquids and to corrode stainless steel surfaces, rinse the surface with clean water at the end of washing.

3, stainless steel surface dust and easy to remove the dirt, can be washed with soap, weak wash, adhesive composition, use alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene) scrub.


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