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How to choose high quality and high quality End cap?

2018-01-18 15:46:17

Stationery clasp, sealing cover standard parts and all kinds of plastic parts manufacturers, the material used in the products are environmental plastic materials, products surface free of impurities, oil, margin and other defects, quality assurance.

I. product description:
1. Product name (a variety of) : End cap
2. Specifications: please refer to the following specifications for specific dimensions.
3. Material/color: green PA66(polyamide)/ natural color, can be customized according to customer's requirement.
4. Purpose: to protect the screw head, can be used for decoration, protection, waterproof function, beautiful decoration, good insulation, no rust, no corrosion, light weight, consistent with ROHS.
5, heat resistance, can be used in 100 degrees, with good performance and high frequency insulation is not affected by humidity, non-toxic, tasteless, density is small, the strength, stiffness, hardness, heat resistance are better than that of low pressure polyethylene.


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