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High quality stainless steel frameless glass door patch fittings lock

2018-05-17 15:16:37

This is a worthy door lock patch fittings, high-quality stainless steel, solid thick lock tongue, thick galvanized lock cylinder, high quality cast steel movement

1, high quality die casting process
High-quality die-casting technology, fine workmanship, simple and smooth, Anti-theft, Anti-theft, high safety


2, generous art
Door patch fittings function and decoration in one, suitable for a variety of high-grade places, suitable for 10 to 12mm glass door

3, thick cast zinc cylinder
High-strength cast zinc cylinder lock for durability and high safety

4, good sealing
The door patch fittings have a good fit, smooth use, delicate drawing, good oxidation protection, and can be used in harsh environments.

5, streamlined design
The door patch fittings have a streamlined design, smooth surface, rounded chamfer, and more humanized design

6, complete accessories
One-time installation, simple and convenient, fast