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High quality shower hinge selection

2018-05-29 15:26:20

The location of the bathroom is a special presence and it is closely related to our life. Due to the frequent use of home bathroom, bathroom hardware accessories must be able to withstand the "rigorous test" of high temperature, high humidity, etc. Therefore, the selection of bathroom hardware accessories will directly affect our lives.

Next, let's take a look at the purchase of shower hinge:

shower hinge

First of all, product structure performance: high-quality shower hinge structure is solid and strong, and it will not be loose when shaken up and down by hand. The product is reasonable and humanized design, and it is easy to use;

Followed by the surface of the product: quality products will do the surface treatment, the surface is generally light or wire drawing processing, in order to meet the personalized decoration consumer requirements, there are also some products do different colors surface treatment, surface treatment is uniform, smooth, no color, no Fall off.

Again, the product's material, accessories:

High-quality shower hinge products use copper or stainless steel #304 as the main material because copper and stainless steel #304 never rust, oxidize, ensure long product life, and have high recycling value.

The last is the after-sales and price of the product. When purchasing a product, it is necessary to purchase a branded product. The products manufactured by regular manufacturers have laser markings, brand names on the packaging, and factory address telephones. And there are post-sale commitments from manufacturers or merchants. Quickly solve the after-sales problem. With the development of information today, we can obtain price-effective products through online price inquiries and face-to-face products based on the above-mentioned key physical stores.