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High quality glass door Patch fittings

2018-05-24 14:30:12

High quality glass door Patch fittings
1, high quality stainless steel Patch fittings: stainless steel anti-rust anti-fouling flushing, but also safe and practical, hardware gating must be selected materials
2, fine process production: After 24 strict process, the surface polishing surface is smooth, more thick
3, development of gated genuine security: the production of door Patch fittings gating authentic guarantee, 25 years of experience, reliable quality, large manufacturers first-hand sources, the price is reasonable

Patch fittings

A company specializing in the development and production of floor springs, door clips, pull handles, central locks, bathroom Patch fittings, sliding doors and other glass hardware products. Products with excellent quality, fashionable and reasonable prices to win the support and dependence of the majority of customers, establish a good image of the company, establish a brand reputation, product quality improvement is the purpose of our business, development of hardware products are mainly sold throughout the country, exports to Taiwan , Pakistan, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America and many other countries and regions.