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Hardware accessories material and lowest price glass connector suppliers

2018-06-08 11:44:57

   The lowest price glass connector suppliers aluminum frame has the options of light silver, sand silver, matt silver, and wire drawing. It can be equipped with the same color aluminum alloy stone base and low basin, and the glass is available in light glass and blue glass. The styling style of the bathroom equipment is not only diverse and increasingly sophisticated, but also includes various bathtub shapes, material expressions, changes in the shape of the washbasin, the shape of the shower head, the style of the toilet, and the variety of storage cabinets.


    The selection of bathroom equipment should be based on personal habits and functional needs. In addition, the allocation of space is also a factor that influences the purchase. For the space size, layout, choose the shape of the bathroom is very important.

When considering the style of bathroom glass fittings, in addition to being able to emphasize their own aesthetic preferences, the collocation of space, the fusion of colors, etc., are all points of assessment.

    High hardness, strong bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, easy maintenance, long service life. Many shower room manufacturers use 202# stainless steel, which has poor corrosion resistance and service life. Some factories do not allow rust to be plated on the surface of 202# stainless steel. The quality cannot be compared with 304# stainless steel. . At the same time, because 304# stainless steel is hard and difficult to process, the cost is high. Some manufacturers use copper plating accessories cheap glass connector Pricelist.