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Hands to teach you to install the bathroom shower hinge

2018-06-07 15:20:03

  With the improvement of people's living standards, assembling frameless glass doors in bathrooms has become a trend. Correspondingly, the contractor will also face some issues such as how to select bathroom door fittings and how to better install bathroom accessories. Xiao Bian briefly introduced here, glass door accessories, including door armrests, U-shaped groove, bathroom shower hinges and so on.
During the installation process, warm remind you:

shower hinge
1. Prior to installation, it is necessary to confirm whether the dimensions of the door frame and the bathroom shower hinge or load bearing are consistent. In this regard, the manufacturer can be contacted for consultation and Olidi will provide private customized services in a timely manner.

2. Detect the actual condition of the bathroom, including the matching degree between the groove and the bathroom shower hinge, and whether the position is accurate. Manufacturers generally have strict control over the size specifications, which can ensure the installation of the bathroom door, tightly and neatly.

3, it should also confirm the installation of bathroom shower hinge accessories including screws, fasteners quality is matched.

4. During the installation process, the shower hinges of the bathroom shall be placed on the same vertical line above and below to ensure the stability and safety of future use. If the glass door is too large, it is recommended to add a bathroom shower hinge.

5. The materials selected for the bathroom shower hinges, including stainless steel and brass, are moisture resistant, but the quality of the bathroom shower hinge gasket is also very important. The high-quality gaskets produced by Oritax can absorb the glass well and prevent the glass doors from loosening and sliding.

I hope the above points will help the contractor to better install bathroom shower hinges.