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Glass patch fittings size Glass patch fittings price

2018-05-04 15:18:34

A glass patch fittings is a type of hardware that is attached to the edge of a glass door and used to mount other components. The variety of glass patch fittingss that are currently on the market are varied, such as clips, clips, and top clips. The materials are also different, but generally they are based on metals. So, what is the size of the glass patch fittings? Glass patch fittings expensive expensive?
At present, the price of glass patch fittingss on the market is mainly due to differences in brands, models, types, etc., because glass patch fittings applications are more common, so the price is generally relatively affordable. Let's take a look at the prices of several glass patch fittingss collected by Xiao Bian. I believe there is one that is right for you.


A 304 stainless steel decorative cover glass patch fittings, the surface of hand polished, smooth corners, bumps; high-strength aluminum alloy core, durable, load-bearing up to 100KG, suitable for most glass doors. The glass patch fittingss the precise concave buckle, uses the automatic stamping machine automatic punching, closely cooperates with the earth spring, effectively prolongs its service life.

This glass patch fittings cover is made of high-quality stainless steel to prevent rusting problems, and it is more durable and durable. It will not collapse for long-term use, and it will not prolong its life. The surface of the cover plate has also been carefully sanded and polished. It is even more delicate, smooth and flat. It can reflect the texture of the product at any angle and make you use it more comfortably.


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