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Glass doors Glass connector of the future direction of development

2018-05-28 15:34:09

Glass door Glass connector hardware fixed on the glass, now on the market there are many kinds of products sold, there are music clips, a folder folder [on the folder, folder], glass bathroom door folder, top folder, there are glass door lock folder, Shaped doors and so on. Core material; aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, wrought iron, cast iron.
Shell material; stainless steel, stainless iron.
Surface; sand surface, smooth surface

Glass door Glass connector is a new generation of door hardware products, that is, the integration of culture and personality quality in industrial design. There are a variety of lock hardware styles on the market, and there are many varieties of them. However, from the very beginning of the design, it is rare to include various cultural connotations as design concepts.

The Broad Ocean Hardware R&D team has been dedicated to exploration and experimentation in this area since a few years ago.
Second, attention to user experience and product humanization. From the application occasions of the products, user needs, and consumer habits, developers have conducted extensive and in-depth research on indoor locks in the existing market, combined with feedback from senior industrial customers such as door factories, and conducted a brand new design on the lock body function. To meet family needs.
Finally, the technological advancement of the most advanced productivity, the rise of biometrics applications, and the development of smart locks and smart hardware will collectively bring locks and hardware applications to a new level. Home intelligence will likely become commonplace in the near future. People's home.