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Glass door upper and lower Patch fittings

2018-05-16 10:26:29

Glassdoor upper and lower Patch fittings: the difference between the upper door Patch fittings and the lower door Patch fittings

On the door Patch fittings:
Material: high-density aluminum alloy core, stainless steel precision stamping shell, forming a safe and durable overall. (sandwich can be matched according to demand)
Suitable for installation of 12mm tempered glass thickness. (If need to cooperate with thicker glass, can be customized according to requirements)
Surface treatment: sand surface, mirror surface, titanium, etc. (custom colors as needed)
Equipped with a variety of specifications of stainless steel casting shaft head, can be used with different brands (can be equipped with a variety of brands of shaft head)


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Lower door Patch fittings:
Material: The inner core is made of high-strength zinc alloy and the shell is made of stainless steel stamping.
Suitable for frameless toughened glass doors with a thickness of 10mm-12mm.
The product is equipped with different specifications of the door folder cast, Patch fittings, Patch fittings, axis can be used in conjunction with the country to the spring.
Surface color, mirror, sanding, titanium, available, or custom colors upon request


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