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Glass door locks price determine the quality

2018-06-26 14:51:21

First of all, from the texture structure, choose the glass door lock, first, select a relatively heavy lock, heavy lock material will be better, the second lock body can not be exposed, otherwise it is easy to hurt people.


From the material point of view, zinc alloy is easy to shape, cheap, stainless steel strength, strong wear resistance, not easily deformed, affordable, copper is strong, durable, but the price is relatively high, in general, stainless steel is the best Lock material.

From the surface treatment. Because stainless steel itself can be rust-proof, so the surface treatment of stainless steel is usually just polished or brushed, of course, the main appearance is to pay attention to match the style of their own home, so you can also according to customer requirements, stainless steel glass door lock plating into other colors.

As long as we combine these three aspects to think, I believe we already know how to choose the glass door lock

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