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Glass door floor hinges installation method

2018-04-25 16:36:56

Before installing the glass door floor hinges, prepare special installation tools, such as tape measure/level ruler for measurement, carpenter pencil for line drawing, woodworking hole opener/pistol drill for opening, and screwdriver for fixing. First, use a measuring board or carpenter pencil to mark the position, and then use a pistol drill or a woodworking hole puncher to make hinged cup mounting holes on the door panel. The drilling depth is generally 12 mm. Place the glass door floor hinge in the hinge cup hole on the entry panel and secure the hinge cup with a tapping screw. After the hinge is inserted into the cup hole of the door, the hinge is opened, then the side plate is inserted and aligned, and the base is fixed with a tapping screw. The final step is to open and close the test. General hinges can be adjusted six-way, up and down, two doors right and left, the best effect of debugging is better, the clearance after installation is generally 2 mm.