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Glass door angle patch fittings installation method

2018-04-14 10:52:59

Glass door angle patch fittings installation method 
Patch spring installation of the patch fittings: Before installing the door leaf, the ground spring and the positioning pin on the top surface of the door frame should be installed and must be coaxial. It is better to use the vertical line inspection to ensure that they are on the same straight line.
Install the upper and lower patch fittings door clips: Install the upper and lower metal door clips on the upper and lower ends of the glass door leaf respectively. If the door leaf is not high enough, you can insert the wood clips on the bottom of the bottom door glass.
Fix the glass door. After fixing the height of the door leaf, insert small wooden sticks in the gaps on both sides of the glass and the upper and lower door clamps, and inject glass glue into the gap.
Installation of the door leaf: First, position the pin with its own adjusting screw and pull it out of the plane of the beam by two millimeters, erect the office glass door leaf, and the hole of the rotating pin connector in the lower door leaf of the door leaf is aligned with the rotation pin of the spring of the patch fittings. Rotate the door leaf to place the hole into the pin shaft, turn the door leaf at right angles to the beam of the door frame, align the hole in the door clamp on the door leaf with the positioning pin on the beam of the door frame, adjust the adjusting screw of the positioning pin, and insert the positioning pin Hole inside.