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Galvanizing ball to the railing, stair rail handrail ball and column, upright post handrail.

2018-01-23 10:49:02

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1. Introduction of ball joint railing: the ball connecting rail is mainly used for ball contact, ordinary steel hot dip zinc or stainless steel, factory production.
The characteristics of the ball joint handrail are novel and beautiful, easy to install, strong and durable, free of maintenance and so on.
Three, ball rail use: is widely used in mining, power, petrochemical, machinery, light industry, shipbuilding, railways, roads, Bridges, docks, schools, water plant, sewage treatment plant and garden walk in areas such as, the platform, stairs, and police, etc.
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 4. Standard for ball connection: products meet international standards: BS6399 and BS6180, Australia 1650-1985, and Chinese standard 4053.3-83.

Specifications: 1. The size of the ball shall be in the form of: WHE/1, WHE/2 and WHE/3.
There are 1, 2 and 3 kinds of crossbars.
The height is 1.017 meters, 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters.
The diameter of the ball is 66mm70mm, 76mm and 85mm.
The column diameter is mainly 48mm, 51mm, 42.3mm and 38.1mm.
The handrail diameter is mainly 48mm, 51mm, 42.3mm, 38.1mm, four kinds of horizontal bar diameter 42.3mm, 51.0mm, 26.8mm and 32.0mm.
2. Note: column spacing: the main points are 1000,1200,1500mm, three types of three, and the height of the balustrade: if it is a double pole, the minimum height of the handrail of the horizontal balustrade is 1100mm;
The vertical height of the handrail is 900mm.
If it is three bars, the height of the rail is usually 1200mm.
Design with single or more than three rods.
4. The connection method of the horizontal bar and the column: the welding fixed method is generally adopted, and the welding location is used for local anti-rust treatment;
It can also be fixed with screws or pins, and should be equipped with the corresponding mounting holes when installing.
5. If the customer reduces the height of the railings in order to save costs, reduce the steel pipe thickness or increase the column spacing, the company will not be responsible for all the consequences.
Foshan Broad Ocean Hardware factory also supplies the products of the same products: the ball is connected with the pillar, the ball is connected to the fence, and the ball is connected to the guardrail.