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Frameless glass door Patch fittings lock

2018-05-22 14:26:55

Sturdy door lock tongue
Long 35mm wide and 9mm locking tongue, used in close cooperation with the lockbox, safe and beautiful for long time use

Zinc alloy body core
Door Patch fittings made of high-quality zinc alloy, durable, load-bearing 100KG, suitable for most frameless glass doors

High-quality copper cylinder
Precision computerized double-row copper lock cylinders, low opening rate, strong durability, anti-smashing, high safety performance, with 3 aluminum keys, smooth and natural when unlocked, easy to operate

Stainless steel decorative plate
door Patch fittings exterior adopts stainless steel decorative plate, the surface is brushed, rounded corners, high-quality cover protection, is conducive to the protection of the core

Thickened antioxidant phone
The door Patch fittings have an inelastic oxidation gasket to enhance the product's tightening function, increase the contact area, imprison sex, improve the service life of the glass, and is suitable for clamping 10-12mm thick glass