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Focusthe stairs parts quality

2018-01-16 10:06:06

Often hear customer inquire about the price of the stairs, after asking a a again, but still take hold. Stair price is not wrong, but to find affordable stainless steel staircase handrail is also not easy, especially those who are too idealistic "cheap". China is there is an old saying "you get what you pay for" a good set of stairs, the price also will be higher accordingly.


Most people would put the "choose a rightness of, don't choose the" as the starting point of stainless steel stair of choose and buy, and of course the money primary. Price on the stairs, the choose and buy needs to consider the stairs, but stairs determinants of price is not to choose the stairs, a good set of stairs is one of the highlights of a household decorate, make people feast for the eyes. The stand or fall of stainless steel staircase handrail fittings, directly affect the quality of the whole staircase. Carefully choose the stairs, identification of accessories to start. Stainless steel column, for example, on the material, 304 and 201 to the naked eye cannot distinguish, need to use professional potions can detect; Whether the thickness of the glass pendant, handrails surface tube surface treatment, glass is strong, etc. Are we should pay attention to, the stairs every aspect of knowledge, to do their homework, increase bargaining chip!


Want to buy a good staircase accessories, the easiest way is to look for the brand. Brand on the stairs on select material and production, the requirements of the every step, thus make the stairs on the quality is absolutely guaranteed. Let the stairs for your home added a warm color.